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The Boring Index: White Tiger on Snow Mountain by David Gordon

Who wrote these? David Gordon. This is his first collection of short stories, but he also wrote two novels called The Serialistand Mystery Girl: A Novel.

How many stories do I need to read? 13. A very decent amount. The title story is by far the longest, but most stories are between 15 and 20 pages.

What was the least boring story? I had two personal favourites. The first one isVampires of Queens about a young boy who thinks he turned into a vampire and goes to an old blind man in his apartment – who is also a vampire – to ask for help. My second favourite is Literature I Gave You Everything and Now What Am I? about the struggles of being a writer and writing in public. The start of this story had me laughing out loud and the hard truths about the writerly life made me cringe.

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